In the early ’90s, a dedicated resident of Yucaipa, Angel Morales, embarked on a journey to provide his community with the utmost indoor comfort. Having moved to Yucaipa from Compton as a child in pursuit of a better life, Angel found stability and purpose in the heating and air conditioning industry. Armed with a small blue Ford Ranger, a toolbox crafted by his father Efren, and a wooden ladder gifted by his father, Angel ventured into the trade with determination.
owner and his two sons
Despite facing skepticism about his unconventional ladder by his then employer, Angel pressed on, eager to learn and work hard. After parting ways with this company, he received discouraging words predicting his failure in the trade.

Undeterred, Angel persevered, eventually establishing All American Plumbing, Heating & Air in the early 2000s. Although the business closed shop in 2010 due to a failed partnership, Angel’s journey continued.

Working for a larger company in the desert cities, Angel honed business skills needed outside of his trade experience in order to successfully run a company. In 2015, he assumed the role of General Manager at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning, contributing to the development of a skilled team. Over two decades, Angel cultivated personal relationships within the community, earning a reputation that transcended the companies he represented.

In 2020, Angel joined forces with his son, Jake, a graduate in Business Management from San Diego State University. Combining Angel’s three decades of expertise with Jake’s innovative vision, AM HVAC & Electrical emerged.

Driven by a desire to provide a unique, personable, and technologically updated service, they soon realized the need for a distinctive brand to echo that. One that identified with their story and stood out like they knew their service did. This realization led to the decision to rebrand in mid 2023, giving rise to “Of Course! Heating and Cooling“.

Now, with over 25 years of commitment to the community, Angel and his team embody an “Of Course! Heating and Cooling” attitude—not only ready to get things done by any means necessary, but confident in their ability to do so. The journey that began with a wooden ladder symbolizes the can-do spirit that defines the company. As “Of Course! Heating and Cooling,” they want their community to feel and see the difference in every service they provide.

Mascot dog holding wrench

Ever wonder about the story behind our Of Course! dog mascot?

Behind the mascot graphic explaining how friendly and loyal he is reflecting the company
Besides being beloved by our family and team, dogs embody qualities we strive for in our service. Just like our furry friends, our technicians are friendly, loyal, and here for you in every situation. We promise to be your unwavering support, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

From friendly faces to ‘paw’sitive attitudes, count on us for a service that’s as reliable as your favorite four-legged companion.

See you at the door with a smile!

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Everyone deserves to find comfort in their own home. Of Course! Heating and Cooling services a condensed area—putting our neighboring families first.