Our Promises Aren’t All Bark:
1. Do Right By Our People, Even When It’s Tough:

We are unwavering in our dedication to doing right by our customers, employees, and their families, even when faced with challenges.

award ribbon
2. Win 4 Times:

By ensuring everyone wins, we create a harmonious ecosystem where the business thrives, our customers enjoy comfort and value, our employees experience growth and fulfillment, and our team’s families benefit from our collective success, promoting a cycle of well-being and prosperity for everyone we encounter.

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3. Of Course Attitude!:

We value employees who embody an Of Course! attitude, take pride in their work, and passionately work together as a team to achieve success.

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4. The Doggone Difference:

We aspire to provide a customer experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. We embrace innovation and use industry-leading technology to maximize and refresh the experience for our customers—setting us apart from our competitors.

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5. Reputation Over Revenue:

We take pride in being recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality service, and we empower our team to prioritize the satisfaction and confidence of our customers. We will support our local sports teams, participate in philanthropic efforts, patronize local businesses in our community and help our neighbors where needed.