indoor air quality

Air Quality

Of Course! Heating and Cooling offers air purification through the installation of UV lights in your home’s system. UV lights work to purify and clean your home’s air upon entering your HVAC system before dispensing clean air out of your vents. Indoor air quality is a very serious topic for those with weakened immune systems, and UV lights are a proven solution. Remove germs, bacteria, and viruses from your home or business today!

duct cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Of Course! Heating and Cooling offers duct cleaning with or without sanitization to get your indoor air quality up to your standards!

Duct replacement

Duct Replacement

Ducts can become damaged and frail over time, or designed improperly when installed, allowing for poor or inefficient air distribution into your home. Get the airflow your system deserves by upgrading your ducts today!

HVAC zoning

HVAC Zoning

Are some rooms warmer/cooler than others? Do you wish your thermostat only worked for one section of the house and not the section unused? There’s a solution! We offer zoning systems to do just that, saving you on your home’s energy costs.



Everyone has their preference. Whether that’s an easy-to-use basic model, a basic programmable model, or a smart schedule-learning model, we’ve got you covered! Our technicians are knowledgeable in all models and their functions and can determine which one will suit your routines and wants.



Our team offers electrical service options from basic outlet replacement, adding a charging station for your new electric vehicle, to running a whole new main service breaker panel. The most trusted, reliable, dependable, efficient, and affordable electricians in the city of Calimesa, CA.



Of Course! Heating and Cooling offers anything from whole house water filtration, small leaks, and toilet flaps, to re-piping the entire home… we‘ve got you covered!

Plumbing services we do NOT offer include:Drain cleaning, snaking, and any other unclogging of drains. In situations that require such services, we can refer you to one of our local, trusted vendors that we work very closely with.

AC Service, HVAC Repair, and Furnace Repair Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

You will receive a written and emailed scope of your project, including what permits will be required, a basic timeline, equipment options from basic packages to premier packages, and whatever open questions remain for you to decide on before we can begin to move forward.

You should have your systems serviced right before each cooling and heating season starts. The typical timeline to perform cooling maintenance is between March and June. The heating timeline varies, as winter in our area is not as predictable. Usually, we recommend heating maintenance to start around October or November.

Add some attic ventilation or attic insulation! This will reduce moisture, heat load, and cooling load, and in return lower your cooling costs.

All makes and models of equipment are similar, as there are only about 5 manufacturers that actually make the equipment. Similar to that of Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Jeep, Chrysler, or Dodge. Different names, small changes in color, logo, and some parts or accessories. We typically go with AC PRO equipment as they have great warranties and are made by Lennox without the high pricing of the Lennox label.